Free Website Backlinks

How to get free website backlinks from Blogs

In this post I’m going to reveal my one of my top tips for getting free website backlinks and of course traffic to YOUR website or blog.

One of the best places to get relevant backlinks is from Blogs relevant to your niche.
To find them do a search on Google for a keyphrase related to your site and find the top blogs based on page rank and alexa rank.

You can also find blogs by joining forums in your niche and look in other members signatures for their blog.

If you are in the IM niche this is easy as you will most likely know of many top marketers and if you don’t just goto the Warrior Forum and look around.

Once you have made as list of the top blogs you can then leave a comment, but make sure it is useful.  Don’t just put ‘Great Post’ or your comment is likely to be rejected.

The NEVA Formula

I recommend that you use the following tips when commenting to give
you the gretaest chance of success:

1) Name
At the start of your comment call the blog owner by their name eg put Hi Dave, or Thanks Fred etc this shows you arent using an automated tool to make spam posts all over the internet and that  ou have taken the trouble to see find out what their name is. This isnt very difficult – it’s often in the domain name of their blog.

2) Explain
Tell the blog owner why you are commenting – eg explain that you learned something from their post.

You must add some kind of value, it’s no good just saying ‘Thank you for this post, please do more’.
If they have posted about a topic add in one of your own tips.

4) Ask
Adding an intelligent question will show that you read their post and their reply may help other people too.
If they do reply you will have began to build relationship with the owner and they may become your JV partner in the future.

These points are all to make sure your comment is not treated as spam and deleted.

Not only will you get free website backlinks but you may get  some traffic from people who are interested in what you’ve said.

Please try out these tips and watch the results come in.

Don’t forget to leave your carefully thought out relevant comments below 😉

Keith Purkiss