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Proven Automotive SEO strategy for Dealers for High-Quality Leads

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Suppose you are running a car selling or dealing business, and you have to provide different services like car making, selling various models, and selling new and old cars. In this situation, the best thing that you can do to grow your business is to create a website.

But the thing is that you must fully optimize your website, and for this, you have to apply the Automotive SEO technique. 

Automotive SEO in Detail

So, in this article, we will discuss different SEO strategies that are beneficial for the car business website. With these techniques, you can easily confirm that your business website ranks high in search results.

How Does Automotive SEO Benefit a Car Dealer?

The benefits of Automotive SEO techniques include:

  • Automotive SEO will provide you with higher sales.
  • It offers a fantastic user experience.
  • After some time in the car business, SEO becomes the primary origin of high sales.
  • It is the long-term method for car businesses to get high sales.
  • The automotive SEO will offer to every car business to gain the market share.
5-2- Proven Automotive SEO strategy for High-Quality Leads

Important Automotive SEO Practices

Here we will discuss the top automotive SEO techniques that help you increase your business’s search in the auto market.

Use Dynamic SEO for Large Quantities of Auto Parts

Are you running an online store where you sell too many types of auto parts and need the fastest result? But the reality is if you do the SEO for every page of your online auto parts selling website. Then this thing will take too much time. You know very well that all the time you have to change your products. If you are running a magento store, than best is to follow magento seo guidelines for complete website optimization.

And have to add new parts after selling the last ones. That’s why doing SEO for every auto part is too much time-consuming work for those who want to grow quickly. Dynamic tagging is the best solution for automotive SEO. You have the opportunity to do it for all SEO elements like the meta descriptions, titles, and also for others.

Due to this solution, you can easily pull the names of your products and categories directly into the meta description and title of the page. With the help of auto-populated meta descriptions and titles of the page, it is very straightforward to do SEO for every product and category. 

Most online stores didn’t use dynamic tagging; that’s why they are always present at the bottom of the search result page.

But if you use this solution, it will offer you the best SEO content for every product and provide the keyword value. If you add the dynamic tags, then you will see the instant result on the website rankings. It will also help you increase the authority of the website and get more traffic.

Optimize For Auto Part Number

It is a reality that every person doesn’t know the exact name of the product they are searching for or wants to buy. However, all auto parts come with the part number. So, SEO for every automobile part number is significant for every online store.

But before doing the SEO for the auto parts number, you should check the search volume of that auto part number. You will find too many tools in the market that provide you with complete data. Some tools offer you the long-tail keywords containing the auto part number

This thing will lead you to the great searches that you are selling on your online website. It could result in great success to become visible. 

SEO for Auto Parts Should Include Vehicle Makes and Models

Nowadays, too many people search for long-tail keywords that contain the vehicle’s model number instead of auto part numbers of the names. 

Suppose someone needs the rotors and the brake pads, then they will not find the exact results if they search for the keyword “rotors” and the “brake pads.”

The user must search for the keyword ” 2020 Honda rotors and brake pads” or search for the product, including the vehicle model and its manufacturing year. 

It is the essential term for automotive SEO to optimize with the help of long-tail keywords that include the vehicle name, model number, and auto part number.

To get high searches, you have to do the proper keyword research to find the long-tail keywords related to the vehicles and optimize them.

5-3- Include Compatible Parts for Automotive SEO Marketing

Include Compatible Parts for Automotive SEO Marketing

Nowadays, people prefer to purchase auto parts by themselves without concerning the mechanic or dealership. That’s the signal; these types of users don’t need the same auto parts that the company provides. Most of the time, compatible parts are available to run their vehicle with no mechanic help.

If you contain the exact auto part in your online store, then it is well and good. If the auto part is not present or out of stock, then the user will search for the best alternative to that auto part. Now the difficult part of the online business is completed, which is getting clicks.

The next thing you have to do is insist that your visitors leave your website and go to the competitor’s website to buy the auto part they want, instead of giving them an alternative product to purchase. You have to mention the links of your competitor’s website with the product’s image and the complete details.

It might be possible that now you are confused. Still, the benefit of doing this is you are providing the product to the customer and also increase the website authority with the help of internal linking. It might be possible that the auto part is not the same as the company’s part. 

Still, it works perfectly with the vehicle model users have if you are selling the aftermarket auto parts or selling the exact copy of the details.

In both these situations, you have to add the compatible parts and mention in the specification page which vehicle model parts fit perfectly. When all the product specification pages are indexed, then you will rank for the keyword related to the vehicle model. You can do this only by mentioning the model number and name on the specification page.

Make Detailed Specifications Part of Your Auto Part SEO

It doesn’t matter how you write the title and the full content; too many people always scroll to the specification part. They do this to confirm that the part they are going to buy is compatible with their vehicle or not. 

So, it is an essential part of SEO for car dealerships to add the correct and detailed specification of the product. This thing will provide buying confidence to the user.

It might be possible that the user wants to save some money by purchasing a replica of the original parts. That’s why they always search for cheap auto parts that contain similar specifications. If you include the product’s specification page, you can get too much traffic and organic search results.

The other benefit of including the specification is you can increase the SEO with the help of featured snippets. The optimized specification detail of the products is always shown in the result of the featured snippet.

Ensure Fast Page Load Speed for the Best Automotive SEO Results

Someone is always searching for auto parts, and for this, they use their mobile phone. To provide a better user experience, the loading speed of your website must be fast. This thing will increase the user experience and also the mobile rankings of your website.

Now, according to Google, page speed has become a vital part of SEO. If your online store loading speed is plodding, this update will affect your website and the online store’s rankings. 

Besides this, those auto parts websites’ ranking will be down in the search results if the website doesn’t follow this Google update.

It is not a matter of Google’s algorithm, but it is a fact that the fast loading speed will improve the overall user experience. For every person, auto part shopping is a difficult task, and the slow loading page also increases the difficulty for the users. 

In the recent Google article, it is mentioned that more than 53% of mobile users will leave the website if the page load time is more than 3 seconds.

If your website’s page load time is slow, you may lose half of the customers compared to the competitors. Other than this, if too many users immediately leave your website, this will increase the bounce rate and decrease the search results. You will find too many tools that help you make your website’s speed better.

However, with the help of technical SEO for automotive industry, you can quickly solve these types of issues and increase the speed.


Every online car-selling store owner wants to increase the website’s ranking, traffic, and sales. But this thing is possible with the help of the best Automotive SEO techniques. All the above-given tips will help you to get more traffic and generate excellent sales.

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