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5 Proven Email Marketing Strategies for Your B2B Business

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Do you know marketing plays a significant role in business success? Without an effective marketing strategy, no business can survive in the long term. There are many platforms that you can use for marketing. Still, the most effective way for marketing is email.

According to statistics, about 319,319 emails are sent and received daily in 2021. So probably, now you can assume the competition and success rate of email marketing.

Due to new startups, competition is very high. Every company wants to be ahead of others. For that reason, they always focus on B2C (Business to customer) and B2B (Business to Business) marketing.

It’s a devastating idea to use a similar email template of B2C for B2B email marketing because both have disparate audiences. B2C email is meant to attract customers, and B2B email is used to target businesses.

You can use simple wording, personal tone, humor for entertaining, and emotions to create a connection between email receiver and sender in B2C (Business to Customer) marketing. But these things don’t work in B2B marketing strategy.

What is B2B Email Marketing?

B2B (Business to Business) marketing is a campaign where you target experts of other businesses, not customers. 

In simple words, if you’re manufacturing household products. Instead of selling them directly to consumers, you sell them to other businesses, and then they sell them to consumers.

Bear in mind; you’re making a wrong move, considering B2B and B2C the same, and expecting success. It’s a devastating mistake that can ruin your business. 

B2C Email Marketing tactics are not usable in B2B. It is different from B2C as chalk and cheese because, in this case, you’re dealing with a professional.

Consequently, Email Marketing is the best way of B2B marketing. B2B is not easy and does not give you instant success and results, but it’s worth the time. It can provide you an average ROI (Return of investment) of $70 on a $1 investment.

5 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

It’s a truth that “the best way is not always the easiest way.” You can’t achieve the fruitful result of email marketing without knowing your mistakes in the email.

To receive a fruitful result, you need to follow the most working B2B email marketing practices. So, without any delay, scroll down the page and know how to make an effective strategy through these B2B email marketing tips.

Here are the 5 best-proven practices to make your email marketing more effective.

5 Proven B2B Email Marketing Strategies We Used for Clients

1-Filter Leads Coming for Business or Pleasure

The lead generation process is essential. It’s a process to attract your audience (B2C or B2B audience) to buy your product.

You can’t ignore the fact that you can lose your lead (Buyer) if you fail in this process. After all, Lead generation plays a meaningful role in your business.

The most common reason why email strategy fails is that most people don’t know how to track whether their customers are B2C or B2B.

B2C audiences buy products of their own and can give you instant sales. At the same time, a B2B lead bought something for business purposes, and this process takes time, but it can provide you stability in sales for the long term.

Both sales are different; that’s why you’ve to approach both customers differently through email. And that’s the starting point of the problem. To approach both leads, first, you’ve to make two different email lists of both leads.

You can use email marketing tools to filter B2B, B2C leads separately. In this way, you can follow your email marketing strategy.

Hopefully, now you can understand why it is important to filter the leads and follow different ways for B2B and B2C leads.

2-Select Your Email Service Provider

There are many email service providers you can find online. However, choosing the best one for your business is a little tricky.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to spend your time searching for an email service provider. We did in-depth research for you and found these email service providers.

  • SendinBlue
  • Drip
  • Constant Contact
  • AWeber
  • MailerLite

3-Craft the Perfect Subject Line

You can encourage the audience to read your email through a good subject line. But maybe a lousy subject line can force your lead to add your email address in the spam folder. This means the future of your email is in the spam folder or not is reliant on the subject line.

Remember, don’t just write a subject line without considering these factors.

  • Your subject line works the same as the title of an article. An eye-catching, attractive heading can yield people to read an article. So, always write a striking subject line.
  • Write what your buyer wants to read, such as offering a discount.
  • Build curiosity in the subject line.
  • Write a funny subject line.

Keep experimenting, don’t stop until you find out what excites and attracts your audience the most. And also, don’t copy a subject line from the internet. Want to have email marketing for dental business, learn more about dental business by reading our article on SEO for dental services.

4-Keep Your Emails Rational, Informational, and Profit-Based

As stated above, it’s a disastrous mistake to adopt a B2C email strategy for the B2B audience.

Yeah, B2B audience is a strenuous challenge. Stats, facts, information, and benefits are the focal point of B2B’s email. Often people fail in marketing while trying to change the focus of informational content to funny in a B2B email template.

Do you think other companies want to invest in a brand without knowing about its past, future, and achievement? 

In simple words, B2B (Business to Business) email is meant to attract other businesses. Know that you’ve to give your B2B audience reasons in the email to invest, to buy. Without giving them reasons, don’t expect anything.

Hence, share your company information, facts, and achievement in email. Convince them that your company and products can help them to achieve their money goals.

5-Include 1 Call to Action

Email marketing experts write the content of their email to achieve a goal, which can be anything. For example, if an email marketer has a goal to be aware of B2B leads about a brand, what will he do?

First of all, no one can explain everything about their business, products, and service in an email. However, you can tell about your business through your website.

If your email succeeds in creating interest, then the buyer will probably want to know about you. And that’s where the call to action (button or link) works. It persuades the buyer to visit your website where he can quickly know about your company.

So, include at least one call to action or more according to your strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does B2B email marketing work?

Yes, B2B (Business to Business) email marketing is the most reliable and cost-effective way to attract and convince other businesses to buy products.  According to stats, the ROI (return of investment) for email marketing is $70 on a $1 investment.

What is a B2B Marketing example?

B2B marketing means a process where a manufacturer sells their products to other businesses and sells those products to market. For example, a company that manufactures parts of toys will contact another company that makes toys and sells toy parts.

How can I boost my B2B email marketing efforts?

  • Create a list of B2B and B2C audience’s email addresses separately.
  • Select email service provider.
  • Write an eye-catching subject line to gain attention.
  • Write an email content that creates curiosity about your business and products in the buyer’s mind.
  • Include at least one call to action.

How do you write a B2B email example?

  • Write an attractive subject line.
  • Write a concise but informative email.
  • Share information about your company and products.
  • Give them reasons why they should choose you?
  • Add illustration in your email.
  • Personalize your emails, don’t write like you’re a robot.
  • Add a call to action link.
  • End your email on a good note.


There is no doubt that B2B email marketing is the best way to promote business. And by following these marketing practices, you can surely get the long-term B2B client for the long term.

  • Create a list of B2B and B2C audience’s email addresses separately.
  • Select email service provider.
  • Write an eye-catching subject line to gain attention.
  • Write an email content that creates curiosity about your business and products in the buyer’s mind.
  • Include at least one call to action.

However, testing is the only method to check strategy effectiveness. You’ll never know about your audience without testing these things (different Subject line, design, template, Email Writing tone).