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Ecosia vs Google: Comparing the Best Search Engines

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From both Ecosia vs Google, with which you have better experience to search your required data? No doubt, everyone has queries in their mind related to their field. And it would help if you had to answer them and clear your concept.

Nowadays, the whole world is just at your fingertips. You have to type your question on the search engine and get complete information about that. For example, if you are searching for a coffee shop near your location, it gives you the best results.

There are more than 12 search engines, but few of them are highly used in daily life. But, in return, some of them leak your personal information.

These search engines provide organic traffic to your websites. So, not only do you get the information, but also you get the picture results and videos related to your search.

Comparison of Ecosia vs Google

Who isn’t aware of Google at present? Google is the most frequently used search engine. Google was founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In this period, it made high achievements. It gains the attention of its users and gets their trust through its satisfactory results. Moreover, Google shows the exact results.

Google generates 70% revenue through its services. Viewers’ privacy is one of its best values. It never leaks information of its users to the third parties’ web. Google is not just a search engine; it is your tutor who teaches you the best way. It delivers its complete knowledge to its user. Google has ton of features that empowers him to become one of top search platform including gmb listing, google maps, google ads, and gmail.

On the other hand, do you know “What is the Ecosia search engine?” Ecosia is a social business search engine. It was founded on 7 December 2009 by a German man.

If you search anything on the Ecosia, it means you were planting a tree. Ecosia invests its 80% profit in the plantation and tries to make the environment pleasant.

For example, planting a single tree means eradicating 1kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. So, Ecosia not only benefits but also tries to make the environment healthy and comfortable.

Why Talk about Ecosia?

Are you thinking about why we use Ecosia over Google? Wait, we will clear your concept and give a satisfactory answer. No doubt, Google makes 70% revenue while Ecosia makes 20% revenue through its search results. But you have to see the other side too. Google only responds to your questions.

No doubt it gives good results. But, Ecosia gives you the best products, this is because it also tries to eradicate the carbon dioxide from work. Simply planting a tree means you are working on global warming issues. We know that the temperature of the world increases day by day.

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Unfortunately, this condition leads to skin diseases. But here, our main concern is about Ecosia not discussing these environmental issues. But this brief introduction is necessary to explain the importance of the Ecosia search engine.

Ecosia vs Google

First of all, check the active users of these search engines. Google has more than 1.17 billion active users, while Ecosia has 5.5 million users. Do not depend only on these statics values, and you have to check the privacy policies because your privacy is your priority.

Everything has its pros and cons. Here we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both search engines.

Google is a top-rated search engine with high active users while Ecosia has more petite users, but It makes its name quickly. Moreover, Ecosia creates awareness in society on how to make it livable. In contrast, Google focuses on its business, nothing to do for the welfare of society.

 If we talk about privacy policies, Ecosia is much better than Google because it shares your information with third-party websites while Ecosia makes it private.

Besides these, both these search engines try to rank your web with updated techniques. They focus on the visitor’s searches and recommend the best keywords, which are the building blocks in the web ranking. 

But most web developers collect keywords from Google results. The reason is that it shows more accurate results.


Only Ecosia works for the environmental crisis. Your single search on this search engine means planting a single tree which means that you remove 1 kg of carbon dioxide from the environment. It’s not a business idea; the main idea is to serve others in the right direction.

Google provides you information not to do anything for the environment. Its main goal is to get more traffic on its search engine. It invests all of its income for its benefits. Google updates itself to give gifts to its searchers.

Ecosia’s business model depends on 80% and 20% weightage. We can invest just 20% for its development while donating the more significant amount to better the environment. It is an environment-friendly search engine. In other words, we can say that it is a green search engine.


You are not bound to the PC; you can easily use Google and Ecosia on your android; it will show you the same results as displayed on your PC. Both search engines are earning millions of dollars daily. So, they should have to pay taxes to the government.

Ecosia tax history is clear, while google shows some tax defaults. Ecosia pays its taxes as assigned by the government policy; in addition to that tax, it gives a considerable amount to the environmental sector just for welfare purposes. Think how good that search engine is.

Google tries to avoid paying government taxes. Google saved its 3.6 billion donating dollars tax by “Dutch Sandwich” paper. It plays a different trick to avoid paying its duty tax.

Neutral Results

Ecosia is a carbon-negative search engine. However, because it works for the removal of carbon dioxide, it is not a carbon-neutral engine. As a result, Google shows more results than Ecosia.

But, at the same time, both show accurate results. Google keeps an eye on your search results and clicks results.

We can say that Google is not playing fair while Ecosia is doing a great job because it is neutral. It does not use your personal information.


The primary concern is your privacy. Use only those search engines that do not reveal your personal information.

Most search engines try to crack your information. Google mostly shares your information with third-party websites. At the same time, Ecosia tries to make your information private.

Third parties try to get your information and send you ads related to your search. Their primary purpose is to blackmail you.


Ecosia is powered by Microsoft, while Google is powered by its own. At the same time, many popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome provide Ecosia and Google at the top of the search engine list. The primary purpose is to give you the best results.

Ecosia’s primary purpose is to donate to the environment’s safety and answer the visitors’ queries with its countless results. The fundamental goal of Ecosia is to make the word evergreen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ecosia as Good as Google?

Yes, no doubt; Google is a highly ranked search engine while Ecosia is in its initial stages. But it gets success in a short period. The good thing about Ecosia is the environment-friendly factor. The results of both engines are the same.

Google uses its profit to grow its business, while Ecosia uses its profit to maintain the environment with the plantation.

Can I Trust Ecosia?

Why not? Ecosia is the name of its user’s trust. It worked hard to make its name in the market of highly used search engines. You can easily trust it because it’s not a business company; it is a type of social business company.

Everything is clear-cut in its policy. You can search from Ecosia because it will make the environment pleasant.

Does Ecosia Make a Difference?

The only difference is its plantation technique on every single search. Try to make a part of this chain and make the world green. You can remove carbon dioxide with just one single click. That is the real difference of Ecosia.


We shared all the details with you regarding Ecosia vs Google to have a clear idea about both search engines. Both of them are good enough. But in the end, we want to say that Google is just a business platform while Ecosia is a social business platform.

Ecosia is becoming a valuable search engine day by day while Google achieved its position before.