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Beginners Guide to Buying Expired Domain

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Are you looking to consider buying expired domain? But you’re not sure about whether it’s worth your money or not? Don’t worry, below you’ll learn all about these topics.

  • What is a Domain name?
  • How to use expired domains?
  • Benefits of buying expired domains?
  • Things you’ve to consider while purchasing expired domain names

What is Expired Domain?

Every company, business, and individual buys a domain name for a specific time. Such as if an individual buys this domain ( for one year. 

After that, if he does not renew his domain name plan for any reason. Then the registrar has the authority to sell this domain name to someone else.

Why Purchase Expired Domains?

The advantages and disadvantages of buying an expired domain depend on domain quality (domain authority, backlinks, audience).

In simple words, buying a high-quality domain can give you a leg up, especially in a case when you’re starting your new website. Here are the reasons and benefits of buying expired domains.

1-1- Things to Consider When buying Expired Domain

Build an Authority Site

Wondering what domain authority is? Domain authority is used to show the relevancy of a website for a specific niche. This authority displays in numbers between 1 and 100.

The domain authority for a new domain starts from 1 at the beginning. Usually, all sites have fewer or many external backlinks. As a result of these links, the quality of domain authority gradually improves over time.

As it is a time-consuming process, people prefer to buy an expired domain with good DA (Domain Authority).

You can check the domain authority of any website through Moz. You just have to enter the domain name and click on Analyze domain. After that, you can see the Domain score, Spam score, Ranking Keywords, and Linking Root domain.

Domain Authority Score Guide

  • 1 – 40: Bad Score
  • 40 – 50: Average score
  • 50 – 60: Good
  • 60 – 100: Excellent

Use It For Backlinking Purposes

Have you ever heard about the term “SEO Juice” or “Link Equity”?

These terms refer to a situation where a hyperlink or Backlink passes the value of one website to another. For example, while reading this article, we can create a hyperlink of the Moz website (that can check domain authority). These links are known as Hyperlink or Backlink.

Each and all websites have different amounts of backlinks. So, when a person buys a high-quality domain name, the previous backlinks of the domain will also pass organic traffic to your new website. That’s how expired domain names are used for backlinking purposes.

Redirect the Site

The best thing about purchasing an expired domain name is to redirect all the previous website traffic to your website. Most of the audience always remember the domain name of their favorite blog or website. 

Suppose you’re lucky enough to find a good domain name that has a loyal audience or backlinks. Then it’s a good-to-go situation. You can reroute the traffic to your website through the 301 redirect method.


Always choose the domain of the same niche if you don’t want your new website to come in the spam website category.

Sell It For Profit

The most significant benefit of purchasing a domain name is the safety of the investment. You can buy an expired domain name, and you can also sell it for profit at any cost, in case the domain name is not usable for your website.

It’s also an excellent part-time business. With this business, you can earn some easy money by selling expired domain names. Also, read our guide on cookie free domains and why they are talk of the hour in seo.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Expired Domains

You can indeed start a small online business of expired domain names and earn money through it. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. You cannot just buy whatever domain you want.

It’s a waste of money if you purchase an expired domain without even finding its history. There’s a long process of research.

So, save your money and read below what you’ve to consider while purchasing an expired domain.

Age of Domain

Think about which website ranks on the first page if Google has two blog posts on the same topic. The only difference is the age of the website domain. One website is five years old, and the other is six months old?

The answer is the five-year-old website domain. The reason is credibility, domain authority which gradually increases over time. According to many SEO experts, aged domains rank fast on search engines compared to new ones. 

For that reason, always check the domain age before purchasing. To check the age of any domain free of cost, visit the Duplichecker website.

1-2- expire domain details

Backlinks Quality

All websites need backlinks for ranking. Backlinks work as an upvote on the internet. The more you have, the better it is. It’s a way to show search engines that the site is trustworthy and possesses worthwhile content.

Even though backlinks play an essential role in getting a higher ranking on search engines, they can also decrease your site’s quality. This is when people use this backlink feature for granted and create low-quality backlinks through outdated ways such as through commenting.

Bear in mind that always check the quality of the backlinks with Ubersuggest.

Site Quality

Other than domain quality, website quality also matters. Never choose any domain name without checking the history. You’ll never know the site’s reputation without research.

Various people face problems in website ranking because of the prior spamming content and the negative reputation of the website name (domain).

The only solution to this problem is tools like Web Archive and Archive Ready. With the help of these tools, you can easily find the data of the domain.

Check Moz Rankings

Moz Ranking is a reputable and reliable tool to track SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). With this tool, you are just one click away from all the domain data.

To analyze the domain, you’ve to paste the link on Moz and then with just one click. You can find Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Moz rank.


The only thing that matters on the internet is the audience. Without it, your online assets are worthless. Purchasing a few months’ old domains that have no traffic is just wasting money.

Traffic is the sole purpose of buying an expired domain. People prefer it over the new domain because it provides organic traffic to the website in many ways.

However, be aware that many expired domains you can find online haven’t had a unique hit in former years. So check the domain data and analyze whether the site has an audience or not. 

Check Google Bans

Google algorithms can easily detect the quality of content posting on websites. Content against the rule of Google can lead the domain to a permanent ban. Follow this procedure to check whether the domain is banned or not.

  • Check the domain status using Google Banned Site Checker.
  • Check Google Adsense banned through Google Adsense Sandbox.
  • Check whether the domain name is banned for utilizing copyright content or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy a domain after it expires?

Yes, you can buy a domain after it expires. Usually, people buy one or more year plans for the domain name. After this period, if they don’t renew the plan for a domain name, it expires. 

That’s how a domain name expires, and after that, the registrar of a domain has the authority to sell that domain name to someone else.

How do you purchase a domain that has expired?

After the domain name expires, there’s a month’s time period to renew the domain name. But still, if the previous owner doesn’t pay again, then the registrar has a right to sell the domain. These are the famous websites that offer expired domains.

  • Expired Domains
  • GoDaddy
  • Name

How soon can you buy a domain name after it expires?

Whenever a domain name expires after a specific time, the previous owner has 30 days to renew their domain plan. If he doesn’t renew it, then anyone can buy it after 30 days.

Should you buy & redirect expired domains?

Yeah, you can buy expired domains; there is nothing wrong with it. However, redirects are a controversial topic. According to some SEO professionals, it’s an old-day SEO tactic that doesn’t work in the present. But some say it still works and gives your website a boost in starting.


No doubt expired domain names work well, particularly for new startups. But it is not easy to find a usable one in the same industry or niche. To get the best one, you need to research all the history of the domain name.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have now understood the entire procedure of buying expired domain. Still, if you’ve any problem or query, you can ask in the comments.