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Guide to Content Optimization – 4 Key Content Types

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Are you striving for content optimization so that your content comes on top? Do you fail even after a lot of hard work? If so, no need to worry as this article has the solution to your problem.

Content optimization is of great worth regardless of the content you are sharing. So, learn all its essentials and then apply them.

Content Optimization: Best Strategies to Follow

In this article, we will share the strategy to optimize four popular types of content. Therefore, dive into the article to discover more.

Optimizing Text

If you want to rank your content top on google, then optimization is inevitable. It doesn’t matter how impeccable content you have created, but without ranking, it’s nothing.

If you have any plugin like Yoast, it will give you suggestions to set your on-page SEO. We will suggest you go for any plugin, but if you do not have one, you need to keep in mind the following essentials for optimization.

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Title Tags

Title tags can play an important role in the ranking of your website. So, be conscious about the title tag of your content. Here are a few things you need to bear in mind while writing a title tag.

Don’t write too long or short title tags. The model length of a title tag is 55-60 characters. Moreover, do not capitalize all the letters; instead, write the first letter of every word in upper case only.

In addition to that, it is essential to add your keyword to the title tag. Make sure that it comes in the beginning because sometimes google cuts off some words from big titles. Read more on Website Title Optimization more.

Furthermore, make your title tag attractive and eye-catchy because it is your first interaction with the audience. So, who will bother to give a read to your article if they do not find the title tag interesting?

Meta Descriptions

Firstly, is it of paramount importance to describe what exactly meta descriptions are? Whenever you search for something on a search engine, several articles come. You have noticed that below the title, a few lines, are your meta description.

We will suggest you add the most significant part of your article to it. After the title, the first thing your audience will read is a meta description. Therefore it needs to be informative, attractive, and well-written.

Another thing that you need to be careful about is the execution of keywords in the meta description. For optimization of content, you have to add the keyword in it.

Meta Keywords

There is not much difference between the meta description and meta keywords. A few years ago, they used to be considered significant for optimization. But as of 2021, they have no role in SEO.


Although the URLs are usually auto-generated whenever you publish your article on WordPress. It would help if you changed them. Write a URL that has keywords rightly used in it.

If you do so, the search engines will get to know the type of your content more accurately. In this way, the chances of your article to rank elevate. Furthermore, it will become convenient for your reader to know the type of your article by seeing the URL.

Optimizing Images

Just like the optimization of text, SEO is highly significant to images as well. There are a lot of individuals who are searching for accurate photos. Therefore, if you have optimized your images, it will show your pictures.

Moreover, if you have fulfilled all the optimization needs, then search engines will take images that you have utilized in the article. And display it directly when someone searches for it rather than in the images section.

So, let’s say if you have added a cat picture in your article, then when someone searches for it, the engine will show yours(if optimized).

Alt Tags

To optimize an image, you have to add alt tags. If it has the keyword, then your article can rank conveniently. It plays a vital role in optimization. The alt tag is the textual description of your image.

Sometimes due to the slow speed of the internet, the images take time to download. So, by reading the text, the audience can get an idea about the image.

Furthermore, some people can not see the image due to various disabilities. So, they will come to know about the image by going through the alt text.

Hence, alt text plays a significant role in the quality and optimization of your content. Thus never ignore it.

Image Tags

They are pretty identical to the alt tags. Just like them, they tell your readers the details about the images. For better SEO, it is good to make this information accurate and use keywords in it. It’s a part of on-page SEO; therefore, pay heed to it.


If you want to optimize your content, then giving a name to your file is significant. We will suggest you add keywords in the image name.

By default, Google gives names to your files like this IMG-121346 or something identical to that. But if you make google and other crawlers recognize your image, then define the name.

Let’s suppose you have created content about cats and inserted a photo, then instead of going with the auto-generated name, make your own. If you frequently create content related to it, then you can add something to specify it, like cat(1) cat(2), and so on.

I know it demands more hard work, but you will get fruitful results from it in the end.

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File Size

Have you ever landed on a webpage that took plenty of time to download? We can relate to how annoying this situation can be. Do you want to make your website one of them?

If not, then pay attention to the size of your image. Without affecting the quality of your image, make the size of your image small. To compress the size of your image, you can use various software. Here we will mention the names of some of them.

If you make a habit of compressing your images before publishing, you will witness a fantastic improvement in the speed of your site.

Optimizing Videos

If you dream that your video governs all the video-sharing apps just by creating and publishing, you are wrong. It is not feasible at all.

To make your videos viral, you have to create accurate, engaging, and optimized content. It does not matter how frequently you are uploading videos and how engaging they are. If you have not optimized them, you are out of the game.

So, follow the following points thoroughly if you desire to make your videos viral.

Video Titles

As for the optimization of text titles, it is also significant to optimize the titles of your videos. Your title should compel the audience to open your video and watch it till the end. Therefore, we will suggest you create an eye-catchy, attractive, compelling video.

In addition to that, add some suspense to your title that insists your customers watch your video. Embed keywords in the title but do not overstuff them. If you overuse keywords in the title, it can make your content unattractive.

Video Descriptions

Sump up your whole video in the description perfectly so that your audience can know the genre of your video. Use your mind and write descriptions that describe your video in the best possible way.

Nobody will watch your video if you have added a creepy description. So, be mindful about it, and do not forget to add keywords here as well. Additionally, write such a description that makes the audience believe that your video has the solution to their problem.

Furthermore, add the links to your web pages that have the information related to the video. So, if people need more data, they can conveniently land on that page. It will provide ease to your audience, so the more convenience you provide to them, the more good results you will get.

On-site Optimization

On-site optimization is essential for SEO. Make title tags that create an impact on your customers. Additionally, write as good descriptions as you can. Add keywords wisely where needed. Moreover, give a filename to all your videos.

Optimizing News

You can create a specific section to share news on your website. In addition to that, you can go for making a blog to share news related to any industry or field.

As the world has become a global village, people have become more inclined towards getting information from online news portals. Many websites share highly authentic content, so if you want to get recognition in this high competition. So, you have to burn the midnight oil.

You have to keep an eagle eye on the changes in search engine algorithm policies. Here we will elaborate on some content optimization techniques.

Google News

Do you want your news feed to come in the google results section? Then all you have to do is present that section to Google News. If they approve it, then your news feed will start showing. Bear in mind one thing that they have strict policies, so you need to do hard work.

Static URLs

Generally, there are two common types of URLs. One is static, and the other is dynamic. If you go for static, you will get the advantage because it can improve your website’s CTR(click-through rate).

Hence, we can say that static URLs are crucial for optimization. If you do not go for it, you can never fulfill your dream of ranking with other popular websites.


Undoubtedly, keywords are the most important factor for optimization. Suppose you want your news articles to come on the top when someone searches for them. Then use primary keywords along with secondary throughout the content.

Some content creators make a blunder when they embed all the keywords in one place. Please don’t do that. It would be best if you used your keyword naturally in the article. Otherwise, it will lower the quality of your content.


Ask yourself a question: what kind of headlines insist you click on them? I’m pretty sure that your answer is compelling, attractive, informative, and one that raises your curiosity.

So, just like you, all other humans love to tick on such a title. Take your time, do some hard work and create impeccable headlines. In addition, utilize keywords in headlines too for optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do we optimize content?

For SEO, it is imperative to utilize keyphrases rightly in the articles. Do not copy or rewrite; instead, generate your unique content. Title tags are of great worth too.

Additionally, if you want to know how to optimize your content, you can take assistance from the points we have mentioned above in the article.

Why is content optimization important?

Undoubtedly, content optimization is of great value. If you desire that maximum audience reach your content, then without optimization, it is impossible. You don’t only need to publish content but rank it to get profit.

What is SEO-optimized content?

The content that comes on the first page of SERP(search engine result pages) is SEO-optimized. If your content is one of those, then you can say that my content is SEO optimized.

What are content optimization tools?

You can take aid from the tools to optimize your content here. We will mention some of them.

  • Google Search Console
  • Ahrefs
  • SEO Testing
  • Grammarly
  • Hemingway editor
  • Keyword Tool Dominator

So, if you go for these tools, they will make your content more accurate and error-free. In addition to that, you will get to know where you are standing with the aspect of SEO.

Final Thoughts

To conclude the article, I must say that content optimization is the goal of every content creator. So, if you follow the suggestions mentioned in the article, they will surely assist in making your website stand out among the millions. 

For efficient and quick results, you need to follow the best content optimization strategy. If you still have any queries in the above context, let us know in the comments.