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Ideal Word Count For A Page For Best SEO Practice

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For the ranking of your website, the most common question which comes into someone’s mind is about the ideal word count. These questionnaires may involve the total word count for a single page according to SEO and the ideal length. 

It became a topic of discussion for a long time. You may also want to know how many words on a page are a must for SEO ranking. In this blog, you will know every aspect related to word count. 

The first thing, which is the motive of SEO and one should know, is content features. It means the content must contain specific characteristics which are required.

However, most discussion in case of a particular reason revolves around the word count of search engine optimization. In this digital marketing era, SEO got a central position and occupied great importance. 

Furthermore, for SEO, the content is an essential part. I think it is not wrong to say, content is constitutive or roots for SEO.  

Why Does the Word Count of Your Post or Page Matter?

The length of the text is entirely understandable. But do you ever think does word count matter for SEO? In short, I will say “Yes” obviously.  It is a matter of ranking your website on the Google platform. To write standard quality and long posts which contain 1000 plus word count, consider having great chances of ranking. 

Many people give their reviews according to word count, and they share their experiences. They have experienced quite incredible results; mainly, it helps them out to get more organic traffic. If you write content that goes up to 1000 words, it is long compared to 500 to 800 words.

In this way, Google gets more indications to discover the niche of the article. On the other hand, if optimized content is more prolonged, your blog’s related keywords will appear more often. Additionally, the longer content can rank long-tail keywords which you have used to optimize your content.

How many words on a page for Top 10 Type Affiliate Article

In the 10 type Affiliate article, you have to explain the ten products and convince the user to buy one or more products. However, the word count for the single product is 300 to 350 words. If you write more than 350, then the user will not read the whole article.

So, according to the single product review, the 10 type Affiliate article must have 4000 to 4500 words. In which you can explain each product with the buying guide. In this way, you can easily convince the visitor to buy the product. 

The strategy I used to follow when writing an affiliate article of top 10 products includes 300 to 400 words per product. It makes the article’s overall length to be 3500 words to 4500 words. The 500 words include introduction and conclusion, each about 250 words.

how many words on a page

How many words on a page for Single Product Review

According to the estimation of Search Engine Optimization, the ideal word count for minimum content is fixed. It should be 1200 to 2500. Besides this, there is little flexibility in word count because it is based on the type of product you will write.  

The least count for a different blog you plan to publish for ranking will be 800 to 1200. In case you cross the word count from 1200 to 2500. The audience at your blog will reduce gradually. 

So it would be best if you thought about the paginating method, consider substitute keywords, and may want to bring out another post.

Although, you may find inconsistency in this fact. There are two sides to the coin. On the front face, it isn’t easy to consider only 1200 words or less than this. Do you think only five to six paragraphs are enough to convince the buyer to buy your product? 

It is not the rule to explain your product quickly and expect people to spend their money. One should describe every feature of their product besides the matter of word count. Compared to the front, the following side explains one should only discuss the concerned, authentic and accurate information of the product.

It does not involve unwanted things, which doesn’t even matter. It is not a good idea to write 4000 to 5000-word product reviews of gaming hand-free. It would be only a waste of time and money (if you hire someone to write).

Regarding this, it does not exist a limited word count for SEO content. It all depends on the information, so it does not matter whether it counts 700 words or 7000 words.  

How many words on a page for Services section

According to SEO, the minimum word count of a service page is 300 to 500. On the other hand, if your content consists of 1000 or more words, it will ultimately share the service page and get more links.

Compared to 1000s words of content, the blog, which consists of 300 to 500 words, provides more value, is easy to read, and requires less time to understand the services. Along with word count, GMB listing and place in google maps will help you greatly.

Minimum Content for Informational Blog Post

Towards Search Engine Optimization, the estimated word length for any blog will be 2100 to 2400. This limitation is put by the HubSpot data. 

Keep in mind that if you write a blog that consists of 2200 or 2300, it is not necessary to write as it is. Only provide helpful information.  

How many words on a page for Ecommerce Product 

Do you know how many words for a page related to an eCommerce product are required? Always remember the rule to write approximately 300 words on your web page. 

Consequently, an increase in the number of blogs ultimately leads to more customers willing to buy eCommerce products. 

How many words on a page for Category

For SEO optimization, it is imperative to maintain the content length, and with the help of this, your content will be in any one search result. The most important thing is that the length of your content must be enough to include all the information related to the category. The content must be engaging in convincing the buyer to buy the product.

If you want to explain a product that needs a high explanation, you can increase the content length up to 1000 words or increase it up to 2000 words. Too many eCommerce stores keep the category content too short, and it is a mistake that you have to avoid.

If the visitor already knows about the product, your straightforward content will not convince the visitor to buy a product. We know that not every category needs long content, but the average word count is 300 words.

Minimum Content for Homepage

Now the question is, how many words for a page is best for ranking a website. If you have added lengthy content on your homepage, most keywords are typically ranked in Google. But if the protracted content of your website is not valuable, it might be possible that users will not read and move to the following website.

And also, when Google crawls your website homepage then just because of the lengthy content, it will consider your website overcrowded or spam. So, we recommend you add at least 300 words to your website homepage. According to SEO, it is the best word count for the homepage.

But if you want to target high competition keywords, the content length on your homepage is 1300 to 1500 words. You have to make sure of the keyword density; it should be 3% for the rankings. You must add content related to your store because the homepage is the first impression of your company or store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a minimum word count for SEO?

Yes, the minimum number of words for SEO per page is 300. However, the content of pages depends on the category. Some pages contain 300 words and some 1000 words. This is also the answer to how many words a page must have for better SEO practice.

Is it page 300 words?

No, the ⅔ of the page contains 300 single-space words. For the double space, 300 words are 11/3 of the single page. However, it depends on the settings of your documents, like the font style and its size.

How many words should a webpage have?

According to the Forbes data, the webpage must contain 600 to 700 words. The minimum word count is 300, and if you have less than 300, then your website is considered thin by Google. And this type of website will not rank easily.

How many pages is good for SEO?

Suppose you are creating a website for a small business that you have to run in the local area. Then 5 to 10 pages are more than enough. Besides this, if you want to run an online store in the whole country, you will need more pages. Usually, 10 to 20 pages are best to show all your content.

What is the best word count for SEO?

If you want to rank your page immediately, then the word count for SEO is 1500. And it is not difficult to write 1500 words on any topic and mention the best keywords. However, the word count depends on different things. So, you should add words according to your needs.

How long is an SEO copy?

The average length of an SEO copy is 2100 to 2500. If you want to rank your article on the first page, you should write up to 2100 words or more.

Why does Word Count matter for SEO?

Typically, the lengthy content offers you to find answers to many questions. The second thing is that it increases the backlinks opportunity. Both these things are the vital factor of ranking in Google.

How do I find SEO keywords?

  • First, you have to do complete research about your niche.
  • Explain your objectives
  • Find the niche related topics
  • Write down the seed keywords
  • Use the best keyword research tools
  • Find out the long-tail keywords
  • Know about your competitors

How can I copy my mind using SEO?

  • Good SEO
  • Always write the best article
  • Explain the explicit mission statement
  • Find and note down the related keywords
  • Focus on the user’s search
  • A landing page is significant
  • Proper layout of the content

How do I make SEO-friendly copies?

  • Write an attractive and engaging article.
  • Your article should be clear.
  • Make a user-friendly layout of your article
  • Always include the schema markup
  • Proper keyword density and placement


If you are creating a new website, then SEO is essential to rank your website. Too many things are included in the SEO, but the main thing is word count. Because the word count decides how much your article is engaging and informative.

It is essential to know how many words on a page are best to rank a website. With the help of this article, we hope you know about the word count for different types of articles.