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Google My Business and Maps Update Frequency is Revealed!

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This guide has information regarding how often does google maps update. Google Maps are usually used to figure out the directions. But it has various other functions that most people do not know, such as the Google My Business service.

If you dream of starting your own business, then Google My Business is the ultimate solution for you. The other subject of the article is the google maps update frequency that you must know to check when the picture or certain information has been taken. 

Let’s start the article from “why google maps” to know the importance of Google Maps and its use. 

Why Google Maps 

Google Maps is the widely used app as about a billion users utilize this service to make their life easy. The Google Maps service has been available for everyone since 2005. From that time, its usage has been enhanced to a great extent.  

In addition to the remarkable services, their service is convenient to use compared to their competitors. It does not matter if you are walking on the road or moving by car or bicycle. You can take assistance from Google Maps. They have an inspiring feature of Street View that allows you to see the panoramic view of street buildings. 

Moreover, it aids you in doing business as well. Maps have no issues regarding accuracy, so it is also a plus point about them. Furthermore, it is free of cost and does not have any restrictions. Therefore, you can benefit from their services without paying a penny from your pocket. 

The main issue linked with digital maps is their old data that do not frequently update for non-famous places. Besides that, there is uncertainty about the date picture taken. So, keep in mind all the key features of Google maps before using it.

How often does Google Maps update?

Here we will discuss things that update on Google Maps frequently and the other features that update after a long period ( even after years). Map data given by Google updated every single second. This data includes the following elements;

  • Information on organization
  • Ratings
  • Traffic Congestion
  • And some other important events 

Unfortunately, they do not update the map pictures, and users want Google Map to renew it more frequently.

The maximum interval for updating maps is 1-3 years. But it can change depending upon demand by service users and location as well. For the map sections in high demand, the update period can speed up from many years to one month.

Where the Google Maps Service Gets its Updates From 

The Google Map service utilizes many ways to update maps. Here we will enlist some of them.

  • The data has been taken from the satellite.
  • Snapshots and aerial photos can help Google Maps in updating its information.
  • Data received from the Google Maps users can lend a helping hand in finding the information.
  • Snaps of the area taken by the employees in Google  

Additionally, according to a rough estimate, more than 1 thousand sources are used to get the data from organizations, geographical surveys, etc.

Do Maps Change Live?

It is a rare case that Google Maps updates information on maps in real-time. In some conditions, such as global events or emergencies, Google usually updates positions in real-time on its maps.

For instance, in natural disasters, the maps display accidents, damage, and areas of assistance. In addition to that, it shares the inevitable information, and it is crucial to show that information. Except for some rare cases, Google Map information usually does not change.

What is a Google Maps Listing? 

Google Maps listing is of paramount importance as a marketing tool for your business or online setup. It can assist you in finding new customers and by standing you out from your opponents. In this way, your business will produce more profit. You can take advantage of Google if your visibility is influential. 

Google will not rank you higher only if you have a listing. You have to work on it to become successful. So, be careful about your google maps business listing update.

How often does google maps update

Thus, Google My Business gives you the advantage to engage and attract your clients whenever they search about you on Google. The profile of your business provides you presence on Google Maps and Search. It makes you able to give replies to the reviews and add pictures of products or special offers. Furthermore, you can edit and add more details about your business.

Here are some tips and tricks that will let you rank higher on Google Map listings

  • Claim your business listing(Google Map Listing)
  • Add more information to your listing on Google Map
  • Attain Google Reviews
  • Make a habit of posting daily on your Google Map business listing.

We have mentioned some of the tips, but if you want to start your business, we recommend you search more about it and update yourself with the latest information. 

How Much Time Does a GMB Listing Take to Update? 

Some amendments are automatic on the Google My Business Listings. In contrast, some changes can consume a lot of time, especially those involving eradicating the information. Sometimes it can take up to sixty days to update this information on Google My Business. Moreover, Google drags the web to update its index regularly.

Here we share some easy steps that you have to follow to update your Google My Business Listing.

  • The first action is to log in to your Google My Business Account.
  • After that, reach the location you want to manage if you have multiple locations or pages.
  • Then from the menu box, click on the Info
  • Tick on the area you desire to change.
  • Add the information that you wanted to add.
  • Bear in mind that it may demand a long time of sixty days to make changes to your website.
  • It is worth mentioning here that some details can not be changed, such as publicly available data.
  • Descriptions of your Business that involve keywords or summaries.
  • The last step is to click on option Done editing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

In this section, we will respond to your queries related to Google Maps and Google My Business. So let’s dive into and find your answer.

How often do Google Maps Update their images?

The Google Map does not update its images after a short period. It took almost 1-3 years to change the images. But depending upon the area, you are living. They can upload sooner or later. So, the period they have taken for renewing pictures is not constant.

When was google maps last updated?

It is not possible to figure out when Google Maps was updated last time. Nevertheless, you have the option to find out the data. For this purpose, you have to download Google Earth on your mobile phone.

After that, you can look for the location in their program. Once you reach the middle of the satellite map, you will find a date stamp that will label the last update. Now, you got the answer to your question, “when did google maps last update.”

How often does Google Earth take a picture of my house?

The Google Earth Blog says that its information updates after a month approximately. But as we have mentioned, it varies for every area if you are residing in a remote area of a third-world country.

Then there are chances that Google Map will update your house’s snaps in more time than some renowned places. The maximum time it took to update the image of your house is almost three years.

How often does Google Street View update?

If you are inhabiting a rural area, then Google Maps may take years to send someone to update your street view. In densely populated urban areas, images have usually been updated after every two to three years.

Why are certain houses blurred on Google Maps? 

Google Maps Street View program captures everything from houses to landmarks. So, to guard people’s privacy, it blurs the images of your houses as users’ privacy comes first for the service providers. 

Can I update my Google Street View? 

No, you can not update the Google Street view on your own. But you can request the authorities to change your Street View. In most cases, they do not make changes to your Street View unless you have a serious issue.

Final Words

To sum up the guide, we will say that we are hoping that now you will get clear information about how often does Google maps update. As we all know, Google Maps are of immense importance for helping users in several ways. 

Therefore, you must have to equip yourself with the information regarding Google Maps and Google My Business service. We are optimistic that after reading the article, you must get your point.

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