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How to Delete Google Reviews – Step By Step Guide

It is a fact that to grow any business, Google reviews are the most important thing. Nowadays, most people first read the reviews and then trust the company. But getting Google reviews is not enough because the positive reviews also matter. 

But it is impossible to get all the positive reviews, and what do you do when you get bad reviews. So, in this situation, you have to delete the negative reviews. Do you know how to delete Google reviews

Google doesn’t provide you any button to delete the negative reviews. To do this, you will always need a strategy. So in this article, we will discuss how to delete bad reviews and build a strong relationship with your customers.

What is the Importance of Review on GMB Listing?

Reviews on GMB listing holds the most significant importance in today’s digital era. It is essential due to some of the following features or reasons. 

Customers Trust 

According to the sayings, people only like to start a business with a person they know, believe, or like. It all leads to reviews and then a rating of that brand. 

If they don’t trust you, they will never like to buy anything from you. It is because reviews are symbolic words that tell other people what you are selling and why they should believe in you. 

Brand Fame 

The reviews which you get are directly proportional to the fame of your brand. In case of bad customer service, never expect good reviews and a good reputation among online marketing. 

Higher Rankings

As a result of positive reviews from customers, you will have more increased traffic on your online store. It means excellent orders for your business. Consequently, Google will make sense and put your business on the list of great rankings. 

Visitor’s First Check on Reviews

Before buying something from brands, the very first thing which the visitors do unknowingly is to check the reviews. They confirm reviews to know the experience regarding that product. On getting positive information, you get sales of your services or products. 

Is Google Review a Ranking Factor?

GMB – Google My Business counts the score of the reviews. If your business receives praising reviews and more ratings, it helps you upgrade local ranking. So, in the search engine, your website will get ranked in top searches. You should keep google maps and listing up to date for maximum benefits.

Can Brands Delete Reviews on Their Own GMB Listing?

It is one of the rising questions “can you delete google reviews.” Any company or brand in the online world is not able to delete reviews by themselves on GMB. But the customer can change or remove if they want or if the brand requests them to do so. 

How to Delete Google Reviews If It’s Fake or Violates Google Guidelines

How to Delete Google Reviews

Unfortunately, it is pretty common for any organization or business to get reviews that are not based on truth. These are fake reviews. This thing can do your marketing down. The reason is if someone wants to buy something online through your brand, he probably navigates towards the website. 

Before buying something, he will surely want to know about other opinions. The phrase “the first impression is the last impression” becomes true at this stage. If the buyers see fake reviews, it insists they leave this page instantly. You need to take it seriously and apply practical measures.

Fortunately, Google can understand your problem, so it provides you a solution to overcome this issue. It involves some steps to remove fake, non-authentic reviews. The most known strategy is flagging the review. 

But keep in mind, the flagging method can only remove those reviews considered to violate the policy of Google. Just follow these steps:

  1. In the first step, navigate to the GMB and make sure it is logged in.
  2. Choose your current location of the business
  3. Now select the option found “Reviews.”
  4. After you search out the review, tap on the menu and choose the option “Flag as inappropriate.” A fake review will disappear. 

Besides, if you still face any issues, then the next move is Google Small Business Support. You can contact the Support Center to report it. 

How to Delete Google Reviews By Asking the Reviewer to Remove It

Only the people who hold Google accounts can delete their reviews for a product or brand. On the other hand, many people or customers don’t know how to delete reviews on google. To make the process simple and easy, let them know how they can do it. 

  1. After switching on the device, move to the Google Map
  2. On the left side corner, the menu is present. Tap it.
  3. Now find the contributions and then press the option “Reviews.”
  4. Just ahead of the business review, again tap on the menu (as three dots)
  5. Select one from the given option, “delete or edit.” Then follow the steps accordingly. 

How to Delete Google Reviews (That You Posted)

As mentioned above, if you hold a Google account, you can positively or negatively review. Regarding the area, building, cafe, restaurant, or any place as per your experience. Why should one give a review? Is it compulsory? These reviews play a vital role in Business Google listing as they show on Google Maps. 

Although the reviews you give for a place will become public, everyone can see your opinion, so do not consider that it will remain unidentified. After writing, if you think you should add something more, then you can edit it. Or, if you think you should not post this, you can also delete it, depending on you. For this purpose, follow the given below steps:

  1. Move to the Google Maps
  2. Tap on “Menu” and the following “Your Contributions.”
  3. Select the given option “Reviews,” and then tap “More.”
  4. Select the given options and then go ahead according to the directions 

Respond to Review – Alternative to How to delete google reviews

To keep safe and robust your fame in online business the Non-demanded comments and reports are proper methods. But how to do this is just simple. It requires your attention and time. You have to answer the problems of customers and will have a good impact on the visitors. As a result, they may avoid giving bad or inappropriate reviews. 

After solving their problems, you are indirectly holding those customers for more shopping ahead. Additionally, your response may also insist the customer change its words of review. Do not expect positive reviews from visitors. It would be best if you had the potential to face the negative and harsh behavior of customers. 

So, the main thing is to answer them correctly. It is your responsibility to find serious problems from customers’ reviews and know your future expectations. In the end, always say thank you for the precious time of visitors. 

It is also another thing that has a significant impact on your potential customers. They know that your company is always ready to listen to their issues and sort them out. 

Nowadays, many known brands are under the pressure of bad reviews, and this burden is ascending day by day. It is the root cause of the falling of brand reputation. 

In this condition, it is not enough to delete them one by one. However, you should know the strategies which can upgrade your fame in the world of online business. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Google reviews get deleted?

Google reviews can be deleted by the Google account holder who gives a review on any product. Only that person can delete, remove or edit it. Not third person or Google itself can do. 

How do I delete Google reviews from my iPhone?

Suppose you give your review on Google and now change your mind. So, for the deletion or editing of review, you should follow the given steps:

  • Switch on the iPhone and reach the Google Map
  • Select the option “Contribute.”
  • Now, scroll down and search for “Your Reviews.”
  • Here, you will find “Delete or edit,” then do accordingly. 

Can owners delete Google reviews?

In short, neither the owner nor Google itself can delete or edit any review from the customer side. The reviewer himself can only do it. 

Is it legal to remove bad reviews? 

Bad reviews can be removed by only one method, and it is to file a case of legal review removal report. But this option is applicable and legal in some instances, like fake reviews. 


Google reviews are the fundamental thing that plays a vital role in the growth of the online business. Not only does it grow, but it can also cause the downfall of the company. The development and the failure both depend on the positive and negative reviews of visitors.

The visitors only give you a positive review when they have a good experience with you, and they trust you. In case of bad reviews, you can remove them. If you conclude, it means you get how to delete google reviews step by step. If you found it helpful, share it further.