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Increase Leads for Your Roofing Business with the Right SEO Strategy

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Do you know that 51% of buyers research a product first and then plan to buy it in the future?

If you have a business locally and don’t have an online presence, it means you’re neglecting 51% of buyers. That’s why almost all brands are selling their products and services online, whether it is a small business or big.

Indeed, online business is not like falling off a log, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get success.

The reason why 90% of businesses fail and can’t hit the jackpot. It is because they don’t understand how to compete online with other companies. Most importantly, in the roofing industry, where every contractor has to face utmost competition. 

For that reason, we are going to tell you about the roofing SEO and its strategy. So, you can compete with your competitors and easily acquire success in your online roofing business.

What is Roofing SEO or SEO for Roofers?

In the previous century, people used pamphlets, billboards, etc., for advertising. The reason is it’s the only way to reach customers.

Thanks to technology, you have the internet facility to reach out to 4.46 billion people. Yeah, you read right; according to the stats, out of 7.7 billion, 4.46 billion people use the internet in 2021.

Roofing SEO term is a procedure in which an SEO professional makes all the online assets of the Roofing Company.

In simple words, it’s a process of making online assets (Website, Pages, Videos, Images, etc.) Then, SEO optimized so that your website, images, videos appear higher on Google or other search engines for appropriate queries.

How Does Roofing SEO Help My Business?

SEO is an essential part of online business success. Without it, you can’t get traffic for your roofing website. No traffic means no customers and zero sales.

Assume that you have a roofing business locally in Los Angeles. Now you want to expand it throughout the USA, particularly in San Antonio. To target the San Antonio audience, you’ve to target some keywords.

According to you, what will a person do? For example, who lives in San Antonio and faces a roofing problem. Most probably, he’ll search his issue on google like this “Roofing in San Antonio.”

Suppose your website does not show up on the first or second page for this query. It means your online business has no chances of prolonged survival.

That’s where SEO comes; it helps your website and targets a specified audience. The traffic (audience) that comes from a targeted keyword to your website can become your customer. And that’s how SEO can help your roofing business.

You might be thinking about how you can optimize your website for search engines? Don’t worry. Below you’ll find the SEO strategy that can increase leads for your roofing business.

How to Get Started with SEO for Roofers

Keyword Research

Keyword research is comparatively important as audience analysis. Right keyword strategy helps the website in ranking on search engines.

9-2- get started with roofing seo

What is the Right Keyword?

Assume that you want to get customers from Los Angeles, and you target this keyword “Cheapest Roofing in Los Angeles.” What do you think about this keyword strategy?

If you think this keyword works well for you. Then bear in mind that this keyword strategy will only work for those roofing businesses with services at the lowest prices. Otherwise, this keyword is dreadful for your business.

That’s why it is crucial to target the right keyword to connect with the audience. For example:

  • Roofing service in San Antonio
  • Cheapest Roofing services in New York
  • Best Roofing Business near me
  • Pros of Black roof shingles

The first keyword is suitable for those who are selling their services in San Antonio. The second keyword is showing the intent that the user only wants the cheapest services in New York.

However, the third keyword audience is looking for a local roofing service. And the fourth keyword audience is looking for some answers about Black Roof Shingles.

Apart from keyword intent, you’ve to select a keyword with a high volume of searches and low competition. New websites can’t rank on keywords that have high competition scores. You can try these tools to find the appropriate keywords.

  • Google keyword planner
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest

On-page Optimization

Imagine a scenario where you’ve gone to a reputable roofing company office to perceive some information about price and quality. Instead, they make you wait for an hour. Do you think you’ll go again? Probably no, right.

The same goes for the website. If your website doesn’t work perfectly for mobile or desktop, do you think the user will come to your website again?

Consequently, it is essential to make your website user-friendly. Other than that, these are the things that matter for On-page Optimization. 

  • Title tag and Meta description of website.
  • Url – use your main keyword in your website URL.
  • Don’t make a single-page website. At least add four pages (Homepage, Contact Us, About Us, and Services).
  • Share the optimized images and videos of your previous roofing work.
  • Add reviews of your previous customers.
  • Use the Contact Us page for sharing all your social media links.
  • Add Schema Markup.
  • Don’t use plagiarized content.

Quality Content

Do you see the Blog page in the menu section? The blog page is a way to engage the audience. You can share your information about roofing; you can target any keyword like “Pros of Black roof shingles” and write an article about this.

Maybe the audience of this keyword ends up contacting you for the black roof shingle service after reading this article. It all depends on your content if you succeed in writing it engagingly and based on SEO.

So, it’s a way to gain audience trust and consciously promote your company’s services.

Link Building

Link building is the most significant factor for ranking. Whenever Google crawls your website, it checks the external link of your website.

The link-building system works the equivalent of an upvote. The further you acquire external links, the more you have the chance of ranking on search engines.

One thing to remember is the quality of a link that matters more than quantity. One link from a reputable, well-known website is considerably better than ten links from a new website. GMB Listing and Citation plays important role in local seo ranking. Read more for information.


Another method for external links is, create eye-catching, informative, and quality content so that readers will share it on social media.

How to Measure Roofing SEO Success

These are the steps you can follow and measure the success of your roofing SEO strategy.

  • Write the keyword you target in the search bar of google and see the ranking of your website.
  • Check the backlinks, data of sales, and revenue.
  • Check how many people sign up for your website.
  • Check the traffic quality from tools like SEMrush, Moz, and Google Analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does seo for roofers cost?

The cost depends on the SEO agency’s services. Most SEO service consultants charge more than $500 per month.

How do seo services help roofers?

Every online business needs the highest Google or Bing for traffic. And that’s how SEO strategy helps. For example, good SEO service helps roofers get the highest ranking on search engines, and the approach helps brand awareness.

How long does SEO take for Roofers?

The SEO process is not as easy as falling off a log. You can’t rank higher on the search engine in a week. It’s a time-consuming process, but it’s worth your time. Usually, you’ll see the result of your roofing SEO strategy in 6 to 8 months.

What is Roofing SEO?

Roofing SEO means a process of making websites, articles, images, and videos search engine optimized. So all your internet assets will rank higher on search engines, and you’ll get traffic for your website.

How will Roofing SEO benefit me?

Every roofing contractor who wants to sell their services online needs an effective roofing SEO strategy. This strategy will help you gain traffic, customer trust, influence people, and increase brand awareness.

How can I get found using Roofing SEO?

When you optimize your website perfectly with SEO rules, the audience can easily find it through keywords, images, videos, articles, tags, and Meta descriptions.


First of all, the process of SEO is not as easy as pie. You’ve to make your own roofing company SEO plan for your business.

Roofing SEO is the best way to get traffic from search engines. Without following an effective strategy, you can’t rank higher on Google or other search engines.

But to receive a fruitful result, you’ve to follow an SEO strategy and constantly work on your website.