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What are Citations in SEO, and Why Do You Need to Build them?

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Citation is known as the crucial factor for ranking in Search Engine Optimization. You will see citations at many places; either it can be social networks or business indexes. In recent research, the business with good citation is visible up to 15 times more than the marketing competitors.

That’s why it is necessary to build citations. Besides, the citation is known as a convenient method to enhance the ranking of search. Therefore, it will have a positive impact on online visibility. 

In this blog, you will know what are citations, why you need them, different types of citations, and many more. So, be attentive in this informative journey.

What are Citations?

Citation is known as the reference used for online business. It involves business contact information, name, and complete. It is the method that tells the visitors that this information or material being used is actually from a different source. Besides, many citations turn into the online business indexes, but some other citations are also found.

As many citations need, less information includes NAP – Name, Address, and Phone numbers. But many websites provide some opportunities which require some additional information other than contact and name detail.

What is a Citation Building?

According to the citation definition, the meaning of citation building is sending your business’s clear and relevant information to the various directories. This thing will help the users and search engines to know how to search your business.

The citation building is similar to the link building. When the Google crawler finds too many business websites linked with your website, Google will consider this website trusted. 

This thing also works for the citation building. If the Google crawler finds your business information in various directories, then Google will evaluate your business depended and valuable.

Why Do You Need to Build Citations?

While creating online credibility, it is pretty essential to building citations for business. Therefore, citation is considered a necessary step for SEO. With the help of citations, SEOs will know that this business site is safe and trustworthy.

Additionally, citations have also proved helpful for visitors or users in the sense of listing business indexes. For example, when searching for real estate dealing, he may navigate toward to get the best one. That’s why; your business must be listed in relatable indexes so that the visitors can find it.

3-2- What are citation - benefits of citation in SEO

SEO will crawl and then read these citations to ensure they contain correct and relevant details regarding your business. On the other hand, it is essential to have consistency regarding information. In addition, it helps to reach the right place for visitors. Citations are important for ranking in Google Maps Listing. GMB Listing update status can be read here.

Improve Local Rankings

In the light of SEO, a citation is an essential factor in the ranking of business websites. When you have done with the business listing, Google will ultimately receive signals from the directories to improve degrees. Although the quality related to online indexes, amount of listing, and precision in the online listing impact your presence. Google recognizes it.

Piggy Back Page One Results

It is the other most known advantage to build citations; too many famous online directories are present at the first number. Big sites like YellowPages and Yelp consistently rank on the first number for the different search results.

So, the main thing is that if you are new in business and don’t know how to beat these sites, you can quickly join them.

Earn Referral Traffic

It is a fact that too many people are faithful to the various citations. Like if we talk about Yelp, which is for restaurants. If anyone searches for a restaurant, they go to Yelp instead of searching for the best restaurants on Google. In case you list your website in different directories, then it will generate referral traffic.

Types of Citations

Many types of citations for websites are found. That’s why many search engine optimizations are being proclaimed which one of the citations is considered to be good. So, it isn’t easy to find which is more valuable as compared to others. But, above all the claims, the search engine optimization community consents some must include citations. These are as under:

  • Yelp
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Bing Maps

For the listing of online businesses, you will find hundreds of thousands of possible websites. But the matter is that not all these websites prove suitable for your online business. 

It is the reason behind the categories of citation. In this way, all types of online business, either related to healthcare or law, contain different citations.

However, some citations involve greater domain authority as compared to others. But the relevant category is a much more essential thing instead of domain authority.

So, listing your business in classes is not easy. In the market, you will use various methods of mentioning your business online. Other than this, you will also find the different types of citation building.

Before going to the types of citations, let’s talk about the different information you found for business. Things that you find in most online citations include the phone number and the name of the business.

If you have listed your business in any online directory, you will find its name and phone number. But the structured citations contain the various things of your business like NAP. The NAP includes the name, phone number, and address of your business. However, now get back to the main topic, what are the types of citations.

So, there are two types, one is a structured citation, and the second type is an unstructured citation. If we talk about the structured citation, then it means that you will find your business in a listing directory where you have the opportunity to change the information by yourself.

For example, suppose when anyone creates the Yelp page for its business, Yelp’s things are phone number, address, name, timings of the business, etc.

The unstructured citations mean you have to put minor information about your business. This information contains the phone number and the location of your business. But the unstructured data can be seen on those websites which don’t work like a directory.

Suppose any website or newspaper is written or mentions your business, then it means the website or newspaper involves unstructured citations.

There are various websites where you can easily find or create citations for your business. If you want to know about all these websites, you should try these six leading websites in this situation.

  • Bing Local
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • Facebook
  • TripAdvisor

For a start, these places are good, and they permanently save your business information to the different search engines and directories like Google and others. But keep in mind that all these websites are not considered as sources for citation. 

These websites will allow you to send your business information. You must make sure to create pages related to your business on Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business, etc.

How to Build Citations

If you want to build the local SEO citation, the first important thing you have to do is remove the old citations. You have to enter the name of your business and phone to find the old citations. But you have to enter it in the quotations like “business name” “business phone number.”

After finding the old citations of your business, you have to claim the different business pages and update the complete information. But you have to add the correct information.

For example, it might be possible that you ever changed the phone number of your business. Then you can search for the name of your business or with the help of your old phone number. And with the use of results, you have to clear all the business listings.

The next thing you have to note is that you must enter the accurate address of your business. However, too many businesses are there who take benefits from both structured citations and also from unstructured citations. But remember that you don’t have to make a citation from each site because it is a matter of quality, not quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you make a citation for SEO?

The first important thing which you need to do is to omit the old citations. Next, you have to enter the name of your business and phone to find the old citations. Then claim the different business pages and update the complete information.

What is the citation for Local SEO?

Citation is known as the essential factor for ranking in Search Engine Optimization. It involves business contact information, name, and complete.

What is a citation in Google my business?

In Google My Business, citation meaning business name on the website. It also includes listing and review sites on Google.

How do you find a citation on a website?

If you want to know information like date, title, or author on the homepage, you have to search on the website. You will get this information mainly in the footer area or the header field of the website. In the header field, you will find the citation links and titles.

What is a business citation?

The term business citation includes NAP – Name, Address, and Phone numbers of your business. On the other hand, each company contains its type of citation.


Well! That was all about “what are citations” so far. If you reach here, it means you get the information about the importance and need of citations. As it is an essential thing for SEO, and not only this, each type of business has its citations.

Hopefully, there are no more questions about what citations are. However, if you still have any queries, then ask freely.