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What is Tumblr, and Why is It a Powerful Marketing Tool?

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Do you want to know “what is Tumblr used for” but never find a satisfactory answer? If yes, you don’t need to waste your energy anymore; this article will let you know.

With the popularity of social networking, several new social sites have come into existence in this century, and Tumblr is one of them. Surprisingly got a lot of fame among youngsters in no time.

So, if you want to understand this app as a powerful marketing tool and much more, then delve into the article promptly.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is an American social media platform that is used for microblogging. It was established in 2007 by David Karp. Commonly people used it to share small blog posts.

It is a highly flexible social network. Unlike most popular social media platforms, it allows its users to customize pages to a great extent. This inspiring feature of Tumblr makes it popular among youth.

A Multi-purpose Network

Tumblr is a highly diversified network. There are no such limitations on the type of content you are sharing. Moreover, you can design the page according to your taste.

You will find a great range of variety on this app. Here we will mention some types of content that you can see on tumble:

  • Text
  • Music
  • Gif Files
  • Videos

If we talk about the type of videos again, there is a lot of variety. Some footage is about subcultures, while others are about business, social issues, and much more.

Due to the great flexibility, there are a lot of e-commerce stores on Tumblr. Business owners are attracted to this app because they are free to design the unique look of their page.

Moreover, they can do marketing on this social media platform by interacting with millions of people there. People are successfully running their stores and grabbing the attention of several clients on Tumblr.

In addition to business, it is a fantastic platform to make new friends. This network is not as famous as Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

8-2- Which Niches are Most Popular on Tumblr

So, there are strong chances that you will not find people who know you already. In this way, you get the freedom to share your interests and ideas without the fear of anyone.

Hence, this is another dimension of Tumblr where you can find new friends with the same interests as you have. We will suggest you make friends carefully as it is not suitable for you to trust people blindly. Avoid sharing your personal information with others.

Furthermore, you can utilize Tumblr to showcase your artistic masterpieces. In this way, you can make your portfolio on Tumblr. People can follow you, and they may turn out your clients if they like your work.

What is Tumblr Used for?

Using Tumblr is convenient. Just like other platforms, you have to create a page. To set up a page, all you have to do is provide them with your email, password, username, and URL for your page.

If you want, there is an option to change the URL. But it is not a frivolous decision as it can affect your SEO, and you may lose followers. So, find the best URL that goes best for your store.

They have several themes you can opt for them moreover you can create your designs as well. In addition to that, you can take themes from various other websites.

You can make changes in the color, size of the frame, etc., and adjust them according to your requirements in the pre-existing themes. So, your logos, sizes of products can easily fit.

The dashboard serves as a content posting medium, and you can post text, graphics, and videos by using it. When a user follows a Tumblr page, he can see the posts shared by that page on the dashboard. Therefore, he can like and Reblog your posts.

On your page, you can provide the link to your actual e-commerce website. Additionally, you can link your other accounts with Tumblr as well.

Is Tumblr Safe?

It’s necessary to know “is Tumblr safe?” before creating your account. At the beginning of its journey, it made a lot of blunders. The security issue of Tumblr arose in 2011 as it leaked the private information of 748 lines.

Furthermore, once users claimed that they could reach any account by adding “/admin”/ to any URL. It was their start, but now it has become mature and safer. But we cannot say that it is 100% secure.

Like all other social media sites, Tumblr also has some security threats. Here we will discuss some practical tips that can assist in making your account safer.

Be Careful About Your Password

You have heard many times that passwords can be the leading cause of the leaking of your data. So, create a password that others cannot easily guess. If you are doubtful about it, you can check it on “Kaspersky.” It will let you know the strength of your password.

Furthermore, change your password frequently. Do not utilize a password for a more extended period.

Privacy of Your Blog

Sadly, it is not possible on Tumblr to make your blog (main) private. But do not need to worry as Tumblr gives you the option to create a secondary blog and keep it hidden from everyone.

To create a secondary blog, open the settings page and choose the “create another blog” option. Passwords protect your secondary blog so people who know your password can reach you only.

Which Niches are Most Popular on Tumblr?

Every social networking platform goes well with specific niches, such as Tumblr. Here we make a list of niches on which you can select anyone to start blogging.


Tumblr is more focused on visuals. So, if you initiate a photography blog, you have more possibilities to get tons of followers. You can start a food blog and add photos of presentable, mouth-watering food items.

Make sure to make it more specific rather than naming a food blog for Chinese food or Italian food.


If you are obsessed with traveling and go on tours frequently, then it is for you. Make mesmerizing images and post them. You can write about your experiences as well.


For business, it is necessary to have your presence on social platforms. Tumblr is one of the options you can go for. So, consider creating a blog about your business. Various famous brands such as Adidas, Target, and J.Crew are on Tumblr, so why not you.


If you have terrific hobbies, then you can portray them on Tumblr. Create a blog and start posting about your hobbies: cooking, sewing, writing, playing games, etc. By using this platform, you can give tips about these skills to others.

How Can You Market on Tumblr?

Before starting to market your business on Tumblr, it is crucial to consider whether Tumblr is the right option for you or not. Furthermore, you should know “who uses Tumblr.”

In case you want to interact with older people, the tumbler is not for you. It should be better to go for other platforms such as Facebook.

If you are familiar with Pinterest, then bear in mind that it has similarities with it. You should add as many visuals as you can. They can lend a helping hand in increasing your followers.

8-3- What is Tumblr Used For

Create an Account

The first step is to create an account, go to the tumbler and give them your email, password, and username. By following this, your account will get created.

Install a Theme

You have the option to make designs according to your taste. But if you do not know how to design and cannot afford a designer, install themes for free and apply them on Tumblr. Keep one thing in mind that your theme must look professional.

Creation of Pages

The next step is to create your pages. You need to create an About Page along with the Ask Page. On the former page, you need to add your introduction and website’s link, and on the latter, you have to add links to your other social media networks.’ Read our article on Website title optimization which will provide valuable information realted to seo. The same seo rules apply here in tumblr blogs.

Make a Strong Connection with People

Your success lies in the strong bond with your audience. If you actively like, comment, and reblog the posts of others, you can build a connection with them that can do wonders. In this way, you can get likes and comments back from them.

So, by doing all these and focusing on your SEO, you can lay the foundation of impeccable marketing on Tumblr.

SEO and Tumblr

Below are some amazing tips to make your SEO better:

Have a Check on Your Title Tags

Everything you post on Tumblr has a specific title tag, just like each webpage has a unique title tag. By default, tumble shows the first few words of your post as a title tag. We will suggest you research and discover what people are searching for and then customize it accordingly.

It will improve your SEO, and your chances of coming at the top in search results increase.

Bother Changing URL

It is not good to go with the default URLs for better SEO as they are way too long. Change them and create smaller URLs. You can do this by going to the post creator and then hitting the icon (gear-shaped) that you can find on the top-right corner.


It can assist you in improving SEO if you have people who reblog and share your posts with their friends and family. You can achieve this if you communicate with your audience better, so you get to know what kind of content your followers want.

If you create content based on your user’s preferences, they will share it more frequently.

Hashtags Usage

Undoubtedly, hashtags can increase your reblogs, and as a result, your blog’s SEO will do better. As we know that search engines like Google have complicated algorithms, but luckily, Tumblr does not have one.

So, it becomes convenient to get more followers. Whenever you post something, add hashtags but ensure that they must be relevant to your post.

Keep SEO Things Simple

It may sound weird to you, but it is valid for Tumblr. If you overdo SEO, it will only waste your time. So, keep things as simple as possible. Focus on the quality of your content on a priority basis.

Use your mind and find out what people want to see, and create your content accordingly. By doing this, you can increase your followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Tumblr good for?

The best quality of Tumblr is its flexibility. Secondly, you can interact with a lot of young people on this site. Moreover, you can market your business there.

Is Tumblr dangerous?

In the past, it had some security issues, but now it is safe to use. Every social site has side effects, so beware and use them carefully.

What is the difference between Tumblr and Facebook?

They both are different social networking apps. Tumblr is more about sharing visuals, post text, and links. You can do the same by using Facebook too, but your posts will integrate among your friend’s posts and links.

Final Words

To conclude the discussion, I will say Tumblr is highly effective too if used rightly. Now, you must have known the answer to “what is Tumblr used for.” Hence, it will become easy for you to use Tumblr to promote your business.