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Your Go-to Guide for Ad Search Extensions – Why Search Extensions Matter

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Are you running an AdWord campaign and not getting the result you want? Don’t worry; it happens with many advertisers.

Because starting a regular Ad Campaign to attract users and an attractive Ad campaign to engage users are two disparate things. Maybe your Ad campaign is not engaging and lacks something.

There can be many reasons why the Ad campaign fails, but the sufficient cause is Ad Search Extension.

Why do search ad extensions matter? What is the importance of Ad search extensions? And the insufficiency that makes your AdWord campaign fail? If that’s the case, then scroll down and find your answer.

What Are AdWords Automated Extensions?

Google Ads used for online advertising to attract web users. And Adword Automated Extensions is one of the most useful Google Ads features.

With this feature (extension), you can interact with the audience easily through your Ad campaign. According to Google, these AdWords automated extensions can boost 10 – 15% CTR.

There are two types of extension: the first one is Manual Extension, and the second is Automated Extension. Advertiser plays the executive role for manual extensions.

You don’t need someone to manage automated extensions because it works automatically. And that’s our topic, how does Ad Search Extension work?

It’s the picture you can see how Google Ad looks without the Automated Ad Extensions.

Why do search ad extensions matter?

Did you see the significant difference between these two? The first picture is more informative, attractive than the former.

Why do search ad extensions matter?

As you can see in this image how automated extensions made this Ad more engaging than the first one.

This Ad has an effective Call-to-Action to interact with the audience. What do you think which ad is compelling and engaging? In my perspective, the first one is the best.

How Do Ad Extensions Work?

Google knows the value of extension for your Ad campaign. Thanks to Google, you don’t have to worry about how you can use these extensions? The reason is it will automatically add to your campaign. Not only is the enabling process of Ad extension easy, but it also works automatically.

Whenever a user searches for something on google, these extensions work automatically according to the keyword intention of the user and show data with the Ad campaign. However, if you think that your brand doesn’t need these extensions, you can disable them.

Costing Criteria

You don’t have to pay separately to use these Ad extensions. But yeah, you will be charged for extension clicks.

For example, if these extensions display with Ad and someone clicks on these extensions, then you’ll be charged for this.  In simple words, you’ll be charged for clicks on, not for impressions of extension.

Performance Check

You can check the complete statistics of your Ad campaign in your Google Ad account. However, If you want to check the performances of Google Ad extensions specifically, you’ve to follow this procedure.

Sign-in into your Google Ad account > Select Ad Extension from the Menu > Choose Extension > then select the table icon > Choose the extension name; you want to see from the drop-down menu and see the performance of any specific extension. Want to experience potential of Google ads, than try to make your business more trustworthy. Best way is to delete google reviews. Read guide on easy steps to delete google reviews for best results.

Benefits of Ad Extensions

  • Extensions can make your Ad more informative for the audience.
  • It made your Ad relevant and improved the CTR.
  • Increase the quality score of Ad.
  • It gives the audience the contact details, such as phone no, message option.
  • All information about the brand makes your ad authentic.
  • It gives your audience the location of your main store, in case they want to visit it.
  • It makes your Ad campaign more engaging and effective.
  • Extensions make your ad more visible.

Types of Automated Ad Extensions

Automated Ad Extensions have the following types.

Automated Call Extension

Have you ever seen a mobile number or Call now option below the website Url?

That’s where automated call extension works. Whenever someone searches a keyword in Google, when Google algorithms find out the intention of the keyword, it shows the relevant results for the user in which you’ll probably see ads on the first page.

Such as if a user is searching “doctor’s appointment in New York,” this keyword shows that the user wants to make an appointment.

Hence, when this query triggers an Ad. The extension will start to work automatically and shows the phone number or Call now option below the website URL to the user. So anyone can book an appointment quickly.

Dynamic Sitelink Extension

Dynamic sitelinks is one of the best extensions to grab user attention. It creates automatic sitelinks for your website according to the search query. For example, assume that you are going to Paris and looking for a hotel. What will you do?

Most probably, you’ll search this keyword on google “Hotels in Paris,” and when this query triggers any Ad, this extension will work automatically and display an Ad like this.

Do you see how Dynamic sitelinks extension works and gives users some additional links to website pages like Book Now? This is how it provides the exact and relevant thing to users.

Dynamic Structured Snippet Extension

The dynamic structured snippet shows brand details or services along with your Ad. It displays services on the web page to increase user interest.

As you can see in the image, users search for a website that offers royalty-free images.  And google Ad shows some information in snippet form related to a website. For example, the website provides a free image resizer and shows the price of a monthly plan.

That’s how this extension attracts an audience toward a brand or its services. So that if a user is only searching for the royalty-free website, he sees that a site is offering a free image resizer.

According to you, do you think users will click on the website or not?

Dynamic Callouts

Dynamic callouts also work like Dynamic structured snippet extension. The only difference between those is Callouts are not clickable. You can’t click on it, which means it is free of cost.

Such as if a user is searching for Mexican food and you’ve listed Mexican food in your website food list, this extension will show it with other information.

Automated Location Extension

Bear in mind that it is not easy to gain the trust of the audience. Do you think you can trust a brand or a service just because you see an Ad on google? If it were me, I’d never trust it.

Automated location extension shows the location of your store or office. It will ensure the authenticity of your brand or company.

Automated App Extension

Every advertiser starts an Ad campaign for a reason which can be anything, whether you want the audience to download an application or boost the product’s sale.

Automated app extension provides the user a direct link to download the app alongside other information.

Automated Message Extension

Assume that your car shut off due to a problem while you were driving. What will you do? Most reasonably, you’ll google “Car repair service near me.” 

Think about the intention of the user for this keyword. Does he want to read an article related to the topic or needs help immediately for his car? He needs to contact a car repairing service.

Just like that, some businesses need interaction between the audience and service providers.  And that’s where automated message extensions work. It shows a direct message option, so the audience and service provider quickly get in touch through text.

Seller Rating Extension

Are you wondering why every social media page, e-commerce website, and movie website has a review page?

It’s the best and only way to check the authentication of any business online. For that reason, every company wants good reviews to bring more audience.

Seller rating extension shows review and rating of your brand, company, or product besides all information.

Previous Visits Extension

As the name says, the previous visit extension shows you the former visit to a website. Such as when you visit a specific website last time, your total visits, etc.

Final Words

There is no doubt every extension is helpful in many ways and can increase the CTR of your website. The features extension offers to increase the authenticity and engage the user. It gives them information about your services, business, review, and rating.

Hopefully, now you’ve understood “what are ad search extensions?” Why do search Ad extensions matter? Let us know in the comment section; what do you think about these Ad search Extensions?